“Save for Home, Save in the Home” is our slogan for this project.

This project mainly focused on the middle class and income people.

Everyday a huge number of young ones come to Capital to start their professional career after completing their education. Young professional earning between 35,000 to 50,000 Taka monthly, can and will easily be a owner of a small but beautiful home by their middle age. The design of this project is a modified version of DPS scheme offered by banks. There are many Muslim people who don’t want interest from the Banks. This is the perfect project for them to invest and own a flat at the end or they may sale it too. “Save for Home, Save in the Home”.


❏ Total land area for this project is 200 Bighas.
❏ 5,000 Units. 4 storied building
❏ 2 Types of unit, 800 sqft and 1200 sqft
❏ Buildings with 800 sqft flats will be a 4 units on each floor.
❏ 1200 sqft flat will contain 2 units.
❏ No down payment.
❏ Monthly 10,000 Taka for 800 sqft, 120 installments. Handover in 10 years.
❏ Development fees 1 Lac for 800sft and 1.5 Lac Taka for 1200sft

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❏ Road side parking
❏ Green corridors between buildings
❏ Ponds
❏ Big green playground
❏ Community Hall
❏ Walkway
❏ Mosque
❏ Super shop
❏ Pharmacy
❏ Shopping Centre

LAYOUT for 800 sft.
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LAYOUT for 1200 sft.
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